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Hello and welcome to www.clicker.net, the internet’s leading source for all garage door parts and deals. The goal of Local Contracting LLC is to make sure that you not only find the garage door hardware you need, but that you also find it for a great price and you also have access to the information you need in order to make sure you are getting the right parts to fix your door. We carry everything you need including; sensors, safety sensors, remotes, rollers, weather-stripping, clickers and much more. Our customers appreciate the fact that we offer high quality garage door parts at the lowest prices. What separates us from other sites is that we focus on organization as well as service. If we were to carry only one manufacturer of garage door hardware that would not help you, you need a great selection in order to find the part that is best for you as well as find it for the best price. When our customers visit our site they know exactly what they are getting;

·         The best prices on the internet for garage door clicker, safety sensors, remotes, rollers, weather-stripping, and much more.

·         The largest selection of manufacturers which means the largest selection of parts.

·         Helpful tips for people who have to make repairs and replacements on their own, know exactly what you are doing before you even buy a part.

·         The most organized garage door hardware site on the web that allows customers to quickly and easily find the parts they need without having to spend a lot of time looking.

·         First rate service that helps to make sure you get exactly what you need at the best price

·         Valuable information on maintaining your door, repairing parts, and even replacing them based on tips from people with years of experience in the installation and repair business.

The reason you go to the store to buy a part is because it is convenient as well as the fact that there is someone there to give you advice and assistance. The sad part is that you overpay for a part because you need it that second and you need the advice on it or the task you are taking on. When you visit our site you will not have a problem getting the part quickly as we have very fast shipping and you will also not have a problem with getting helpful advice. We are not just a site that sells garage door hardware; we are also a source for valuable information on the parts we sell, fixing your door and even maintaining it. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again, sometimes it is to buy something, and sometimes it is to simply get valuable information they need in order to successfully repair or maintain their garage door. When you shop with us you get the same service that you would get walking into a hardware store, you get the kind of selection you would expect to find from an online store and you get the best prices you will find anywhere. 

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